Why choose Scone Grammar School for your child?

Our four growth pillars provide structure and support for our learning community, encouraging all individual students to be well rounded, promoting balance and connection points within our community – important for wellbeing and learning.

Through Grammar Minds, we work with each individual to inspire a motivation to learn – for life; Grammar Plus provides diverse extra-curricular opportunities to grow, shaped by students’ interests & pursuits; Grammar Cares is about caring for the individual, nurturing wellbeing within our school community; and Grammar Leads involves developing leaders to serve the wider community.

Well-being, being comfortable and happy, leads to heightened learning. Caring for each individual within our community of learning and wellbeing, helps our students to positively flourish. This means they are able to positively learn and grow through good times and life’s struggles.

As they flourish, we encourage our students to share their strengths with others, through mentoring, buddying, coaching and most simply, caring – serving all.