Grammar Minds

Learning is our core business. 
Working with each individual student to inspire an intrinsic motivation to learn – for life.

Caring for the Individual
As we innovate, we are shifting from a traditional method of teacher centred delivery to student centred learning.

We offer a differentiated curriculum from extension to remediation. This means that we cater for students who benefit from accelerating their learning and extending their curriculum. We also support students with learning challenges, who benefit from a slower pace or who need concepts explained through different approaches.

Our teachers give tailored feedback to each student throughout their learning journey, as well as following final assessments.

We also meet each semester to talk through each individual student – their God-Given character strengths, their learning and their well-being.

Striving for Academic Performance
Academic performance is not only high achievements. It is about stretching each student to do their best, growing from where they’re atand to be the best learner they can be.

We encourage each student to use perseverance and other God-Given character strengths to ‘punch above their weight’, stretching their curiosity, creating connections, discovering their passion and building resilience. This is not about comparing them to others, but challenging each student to make the next step that they need to, not what their peers need.

Building Character Strengths
Each member of our school community – students and staff learn to understand their top God-Given character strengths and how that supports them in their learning.  It also helps to balance their wellbeing, which in turn, helps to heighten their learning.

Innovation & Learning Dispositions – A common language
To tailor learning to each individual student, we innovate. Our teachers are Building Learning Power to foster lifelong learning in each student. As teachers, we see ourselves as learners of learning.

Learning Dispositions

This is about using a common language to infuse learning habits by understanding and adopting helpful learning dispositions.  This consistent language is used throughout our school community from Preschool, at The Yellow Cottage to Year 12. It is part of school life and reminds us how to be the best learners we can.

  1. Resourcefulness – using many ways of thinking

  2. Cooperation – learning with & from others

  3. Resilience – enjoying the feeling of learning

  4. Reflectiveness – taking charge of your learning

Inspiring & Investigating
We inspire our students to stretch themselves further through encouraging, challenging and investigating in class and through life outside the classroom.

A play-based approach to learning is integrated into our Kindergarten curriculum, developing students of this age through investigative learning, inspiring them to stretch themselves.

Additional sport and music are built into our Primary School timetable to benefit students in a number of ways: investigative learning; inspiration; movement; co-ordination; and teamwork to name just a few.

We bring specialists in various areas into our school and take our students out of the school to expose them to specialist skills and unique environments.

Learning Challenges
Not everyone learns in the same way. Some students may struggle with aspects of the academic curriculum. Our Learning Support Team works with individual students who benefit from different styles and methods of learning through small group sessions, 1:1 support in class and after school classes, which focus on reinforcing fundamentals where helpful.

Enhanced Learning – After school support
Our enhanced learning approach is an after-school learning program for students from Kindergarten through to Year 12. Students are given the opportunity to participate in after school activities to further develop their understanding of concepts. Teachers provide extra assistance for students in a variety of ways.

Contemporary Technology
Technology is used to enhance learning and develop skills from Kindergarten onwards. Our students learn partially through devices such as iPads and laptops during Secondary School. From Year 4 onwards, students have their own device, which is an important learning tool. The benefits of moving with contemporary technology allow our students and teachers to connect, improve productivity, build skills vital for the world beyond school and empower students to learn across different platforms and in different ways. As our students grow through their education with us, it also enables us to expand to offer more bespoke opportunities.

Secondary Opportunities – For each individual
Our secondary experience is catered to each individual. We don’t limit the subjects to study for your High School Certificate (HSC). We ask students to give us a list of subjects and we do our best to make them happen, onsite or through Distance Education. Every student is offered the opportunity to get their HSC, regardless of their grading.

If you choose a Vocational Educational Training (VET) path, we don’t tell you what to do and be, we ask you what you want to do and be.

Both learning approaches are available. You can choose either one or the other, or do both, one alongside the other.