Primary Curriculum

The Kindergarten to Year 6 Curriculum is developed in the overall context of the new Australian Curriculum, using the NSW NESA syllabus material. This focuses on six Key Learning Areas (KLA’s) – English; Mathematics; Science; History; Creative Arts; Personal Development, Health and Physical Education.

Many of the learning activities within each class teaching-learning programme, are integrated across the range of KLA’s and often these KLA’s are linked thematically.

A variety of teaching-learning styles are implemented to facilitate student learning at each stage. This is outworked through group and small group teaching, ability grouping for specific academic subjects, and also class teachers using their particular talents across a range of classes, through a collegiate swap arrangement.

Open Classroom Afternoons, Parent-Teacher Interviews and comprehensive Semester Student Reports enable feedback to parents on student progress, as well as identifying areas where further development is required.

Students have regular specialist lessons in Languages – French.

Teachers in Kindergarten to Year 2 classes utilise a variety of reading resources, including phonics-based programmes. A Reading Net has been implemented to catch students who may need extra assistance. A targeted Literacy Support program (overseen by the Learning Support Staff) is also implemented each year.

As part of a Kindergarten to Year 12 school, Primary students enjoy the benefits of access to specialist staff and facilities, including the Library and Technology Centre. Year 6 students are able to make a smooth transition into secondary schooling, while maintaining established friendships, consistent values and continuity in their education.