The Foundation is a company limited by guarantee. It is controlled by a board elected from its membership and managed by a committee to which the board delegates its day-to-day activities. A permanent partner of the School Council, the Foundation has clearly stated short and long-term objectives, which include:

  • To provide a substantial and varied asset base to ensure ongoing financial independence of the School.
  • To provide finance for capital works for the growth and development of the School.
  • To ensure the provision of essential facilities and additional specialist staff.
  • To provide scholarships and bursaries to enable deserving students to benefit from Scone Grammar School’s unique environment.
  • To encourage financial commitment from the School community, as well as personal interest in the general development of the School.
  • To educate the School community to better understand the role of the Foundation and the School’s supporters in funding the development of the School for the present and future generations of the children of the Upper Hunter.

The Scone Grammar School Foundation was established in 1989 with specific and far reaching objectives. These goals will ensure that the School will thrive and grow according to the Strategic Plan of the School Council.


  • McMullin Wing – Primary School
  • Building Fund Investment of $400,000 lent to the School
  • Science Wing
  • Bullock Library
  • G Block 2nd Stage – Secondary Classrooms
  • The purchase of properties and handover of those grounds to the School